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The Vidalia Pecan Company
is located in the heart of Vidalia onion country in southeast Georgia, USA. The mineral rich soil of the beautiful Vidalia countryside imparts the same rich flavor into the area's pecan trees as it does into our world famous onions.

Vidalia, Georgia
is located in the inner portion of the coastal plain in the southeast where gentle rolling hills transition the landscape from the flatlands of the coastal region to picturesque farmland.

Vidalia Pecans®
are available exclusively from the Vidalia Pecan Company. We grow and market pecans from beautiful pecan orchards with some trees estimated to be over 200 years old. These stately trees continue to bear some of the most tasty nuts available anywhere in the world.

The World's Finest Pecans
come from a region where some of the best produce in the country is grown. The long crop season of the southeastern United States combined with the superb soil provides the ideal nurturing environment for these delicious nuts.

Vidalia Pecans®
are quite popular right out of the shell, but also make superb products such as pecan pies and candies. When finely chopped they can even encrust seafood and poultry dishes in a variety of creative and delectable ways. Our gift line of high quality products is grown and packaged in a manner to bring the richness of Vidalia Pecans to your kitchen, your family and your friends. We hope you enjoy these wonderful and unique pecans.

All Vidalia Products are guaranteed to meet your satisfaction. If you are not pleased with any purchase, simply return the unused portion of the product and we will gladly refund your purchase price (not including return shipping).

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Chocolate Coated
Vidalia Pecans

Made especially for the chocolate lover in all of us! Premium Vidalia Pecans coated with some of the world's finest milk chocolate. Yum!
Three 12 oz. bags. $29.95

Vidalia Pecans

Our Cinnamon Pecans go great with a fresh cup of coffee or hot chocolate. These prime Vidalia Pecans are seasoned to perfection with a light coating of sugar, cinnamon and hint of vanilla.
Three 10 oz. bags. $29.95

Vidalia Pecan
Log Roll

Always a favorite, our Pecan Log Rolls are made from the finest Vidalia Pecans, chopped and encrusting a sweet, soft center. Four rolls to a box, 4 oz. each roll.


Vidalia Pecans
Salted and Seasoned

Slowly roasted and lightly salted Vidalia Pecans taste incredible.
Three 12 oz. bags.

Vidalia Pecans

Eat them right out of the bag or use as a topping or an ingredient in your favorite recipes. The World’s Finest Pecans. Really.
Three 16 oz. bags.

Vidalia Pecan Medium Gift Basket

One bag each of Vidalia Roasted Pecans, Vidalia Cinnamon Pecans, Vidalia Pecans Shelled, and 4 Pecan Log Rolls. A wonderful and delicious collection of Vidalia Pecans products.

Please see our suggested Recipes for the many uses of premium Vidalia Pecans.

Vidalia Pecan Jumbo Gift Basket

Two bags each of Vidalia Roasted Pecans and Vidalia Pecans Shelled, 3 bags of Vidalia Cinnamon Pecans and 4 Vidalia Pecan Log Rolls. Our premier collection of Vidalia Pecan products perfect for all occasions.

Reed's Rocket
Model 816

America’s Finest Nut Cracker
All steel machine construction with attractive base and plastic handle grip.

Unique design cracks soft shell nuts, faster, better and easier. Cracks Pecans, English Walnuts, Almonds, Filberts, Brazil and other Soft Shell Nuts. Lends commercial speed to a formerly tedious job. Pays for itself in savings on bulk nut purchases. Unique 5-Star Cracking Action grips the nuts firmly with 5-Star points of contact. This gives greater power and assures cleaner and larger nut meats. $24.99